We have created this awesome platform for you to gain ready access that shortcuts you to all areas in life that you may need direction or advice. There are so many situations you will come up against in life. Wouldn’t it be easier for it to be in one place? At any time? On any device?

Private and secure. No Googling to search for what you are looking for? Immediate access, just straight to where you want to go…

WELL HERE IT IS…. Your Life Skills Hub and 1 STOP SHOP!

LIFTT has links to over 400 Websites, Competitions, Social Media, Music Videos, Celebrity Videos, Self Development, Financial, Education, How To, Employment, Looking after yourself, and the list goes on and on…

The purpose is for you to Live Independently for Today and Tomorrow. LIFTT will give you access and support to gain control of any obstacles so you can become more confident and successful and you are in control of your journey of Life. LIFTT also has some awesome merchandise available for sale. 100% of proceeds and any donations will go back to Homeless youth shelters throughout Australia.

Let’s work together and create for all youth a positive Today and Tomorrow. So check out LIFTT.

‘Your journey has only just begun”